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Fan of sandbox gaming? Then, you will surely love Minecraft. Playing the game as a noob is pretty challenging because you have to be highly creative and apply strategies to survive. Worry not! We’re here with some awesome tips and tricks to make your mining adventure unforgettable.

Minecraft has already become a phenomenon in the gaming world. Being a successful minecrafter takes a lot of work — creating a new world, being tactical to explore its resources, fighting mobs, and doing plenty of other things. Does it sound daunting? It is but all you have to do is get into the world and get stuck in. This article is gonna teach you tips for Minecraft survival if you are trying out this game for the first time.

This starter pack of tips and tricks is for rookies about to start their mining journey. It will help them survive the initial stages. Minecraft gives players immense freedom regarding how to play the game, which makes new players confused about the gameplay. Without further ado, let’s dig into the tips.

Learn the jargon

Each game has its jargon that you need to learn to understand what’s happening. Minecraft has its own Jargon and every new player should know the following terms:

Game Modes: There are three default modes to choose from: Creative (unlimited resources to create without restriction), Survival (surviving in the face of challenges and enemies), and Adventure (players get to set off a quest).

The Java edition has two extra modes: Hardcore and Spectator modes.

Spawn Point: The point of origination of a player or entity. It also indicates the location of the players joining a server for the first time. You can change the spawn location by using a bed. Upon death, every player will be reincarnated in their spawn point.

Nether Portal: A Nether Portal is an obsidian structure that works as a portal between the Overworld and Nether dimensions. A player will be teleported to other dimensions through this passageway.

Build the first shelter

After spawning into a world, your first task should be to build a home. It’s a must if you are playing the Survival mode where enemies will attack at night if you are not in a shelter. You get around ten minutes (one day in the Minecraft world) to complete this task.

You just need a refuge for protection on the first day. Choose a good location such as a hole in the ground or on the side of a mountain. Use dirt, wood, or other available resources to build a small home around 2×2 or 3×3 size (you can expand and equip later on). Leave a square on the roof open, so you will know when the sun is out.

Your home needs to have a staircase and a bed. Sleeping is necessary to conserve energy for the next day. You can build on this shelter or abandon it altogether to construct a new one.

Make tables, furnaces, and torches

You will need various tools to mine resources and to make a tool, a crafting table is necessary. Similarly, a furnace is needed for cooking food and extracting materials from ores.

Torches, on the other hand, keep you safe from mobs, light up mines and dark places, and function as map markers. You will need sticks and coal (which is abundant) to make torches. One piece of coal is enough to make four torches.

Find your directions

To find the directions, you can’t rely on a compass in the Minecraft world. It will always steer toward the spawn point — the location of your spawning.

The easy way is to look up and watch the movement of clouds, sun, stars, and moon. These elements always move from east to west. To learn the directions of north and south, hit a block on the ground. One crack that goes straight up points to the north.

However, you will have a locator map in the Bedrock edition while the Java edition will display the direction you are facing upon pressing F3.

Choose the right mining locations

Picking up the right mining locations will yield lots of bounties. As a beginner, start with mountains as they often lead to mine shafts and large cavities filled with chests and ores. Don’t get caught in collecting too much gold. It’s useless for armor and weapons.

Use the right tools

Using the right tools is necessary for collecting the mined resources. An iron pickaxe is possibly the most important tool in Minecraft. You cannot collect red stone, diamonds, emerald, and gold without it. Using other tools will destroy the block and yield nothing.

Always try to craft iron tools as they are more resilient and efficient than stone tools. Having an iron pickaxe, axe, shovel, bucket, sword, and other things will be useful in leveling up.

Keep an eye on the health bar

You cannot let the health bar drop because only a full bar can heal you from injuries. Jumping, mining, and running will make you hungry, leading to losing health and then death. So, it’s necessary to collect and eat food like apples, fishes, birds, etc.

Upon leveling up, you will need to start farming and breeding animals to have a steady food supply. Prepare farming blocks and sow seeds to grow brown wheat that you can use for making bread and breeding cows and sheep. Use seeds for reproducing chickens and store carrots and beetroot for pigs.

Get creative and have fun

Getting your creative juices flowing and having fun in the process is the ultimate purpose of playing any sandbox game. Minecraft gives a free rein to your imagination with countless possibilities for creating and tinkering a world. Use this freedom to build something that you find exhilarating.

Start with something small and then keep on expanding to avoid being overwhelmed by the options. If building a world is not your forte, choose the Adventure mode to set off on a journey.


When you are ready to explore the exciting Minecraft worlds, these tips and tricks will come in handy. Of course, they will not walk you through the whole gameplay but set you on the right track, so you can move forward on your own.


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